What are your strengths?

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What are your strength?

Tips to remember :  

Prior to any interview, you should have a list mentally prepared of your greatest strengths. You should also have, a specific example or two, which illustrates each strength, an example chosen from your most recent and most impressive achievements.

Here is an additional strengths  list – based on job title


Leaders and managers: Ability to prioritize, planning skills, well-organized, multitasking and assuming responsibilities and duties. Possessing the capacity to cope with failures and trying to learn from past mistakes.

Customer care, Call center and sales: Communication skills, patience, having good interpersonal skills.

Programmers and R&D: A quick learner who enjoys learning new things. A team player who shares knowledge and ideas with colleagues.


Manu said: 

I am a very focused individual with drive and determination to succeed in any area of life I find myself. My organizational and numerical skills cheap jerseys are excellent and I am a fast learner with great attention to detail.


Swathi said :

I am a very good team player. I like to work in a team. Like to help cheap MLB jerseys colleagues to find solution of their queries related to work.Like образование to take guidance from senior persons.


Arpita said:

– Quick learner.
– Hard worker.
– Bit of leadership.


Zandile Said:

cheap Cleveland Browns jerseys Fast 2013 learner.
– Patient.
– Friendly.
– Can work under pressure.
– Responsible.
– Good Listener.


Alina said:

– Good leadership.

– Learning ability.

– Hardworking with smart work.


Sonu said:

1) Confidence
2) Positive Thinking
3) Friendly Behavior


Vignesh Said:

As strength comes from weakness, first.

I want to make clear about my weakness,

My weakness is the that I am a simple person, who always repeat the same mistake that believing every one.

Coming to my strength, such believing gives me strength to understand the reality of every person attitude, then how to control them I used to know. Honesty and loyalty are my backbone.


Siva Said:

My strengths are positive thinking, team player, hardworking, honest to my work, believe in myself, friendly behavior.


Sathis Said:

1. Hard worker.
2. Quick Learner.
3. Positive thinker.
4. Self respect.
5. Punctual.


Ram Said:

– Flexible.
– Reliable.
– Patience.


Raghul Said:

My Strengths:

1). Helping and Friendly nature.

2). Self Motivated and to motivate on others.

3). Good adaptability in any situation.

4). Positive thinking.


Vinoth Said:

– I can survive in all situation.
– I have a team leader quality and I can do work in a team as a team member.
– I am a patience person and I always ready to help my friend.


Sherif Said:

My Strengths:

– Persistence.
– Hard Working.
– Always willing to learn.
– Consistency.
– Honest.
– Great Listener.
– Punctual.
– Responsible.


Arun Said:


1. Confidence my self.
2. Hardworker.
3. Honest.
4. Self respect.
5. Positive thinking and mainly my hope.


Sakthi Said:

I am very adaptable in any environment so even if I were to travel abroad for work, if the company requires, I’m up to the mark. I am an innovator and a very fast learner and I always take initiatives. I work with pre-planning, I always ensure that I have a clear picture of what’s going on before I start on something and I manage my time wisely.


Vivek Said:

1) Positiveness.
2) Self Motivated.
3) Good Listener.
4) Learn Think from other.


Naresh Said:

– Good adaptability in any situation.
– Leading yourself quality.
– Can coordinate well in a team.
– Optimistic.
– Helping ????? and friendly nature.


Sahul Said:

Since my childhood I always believed in hard work and sincerity as they could fetch you success in any field and that motivated me to become a hardworking cheap NFL jerseys and sincere student which can be clearly noticed with my performance in 10th 12th and B-Tech. I am also a person who can coordinate very well with people and I never hesitate to take help when required and I try hard to complete the job done that is given wholesale mlb jerseys to me. And finally my high level of patience and sincerity distinguishes from others.


Riya Said:

– Self motivated.
– Self discipline.
– Patience.
albumul Smart worker.
– Practical thinking.
– I can Adjust in all situations.
– Responsible.
– Helping mentality.


Tarun Said:

I believe in the customer, I trust everyone means I don’t try to judge right or wrong just if I feel he is right I will agree. I feel if I m doing good to the world no one can ever think of doing bad to me.


Lavanya Said:

As I participated in many oratorical competition I relieved my stage fear when I was studying my third standard so that I can express my ideas in front of my higher officials.


I can adopt to any environment so that you can make me travel abroad if the company requires.


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