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rtCamp in PHP Web Developer @ Pune

Job description
This opening is for you if enjoy developing in open-source web technogoiesPHP, MySQL, jQuery, CSS and others.
This job involves plenty of open-source contribution to rtCamp’s different open-source projects based on WordPress. You can see some of them here: https://github.com/rtCamp/
You will get training on WordPress but you need to have strong PHP, MySQL, jQuery knowledge to get in.
How To Apply
Complete prerequisite PHP assignment first.
Use GitHub for code-hosting.
You can use any free hosting for demo purpose.
Once assignment is complete, codes are on Github and demo is setup, submit job application form online. The form has necessary fields to collect information about your assignment.
If your application form is correct, you will get feedback regarding your assignment (via Email, Github issue tracker).
Once feedback and code-review round is over successfully, there will be one or more telephonic rounds.
If telephonic rounds end well, you will be invited to join rtCamp!
Links to assignment will be provided on site.
Desired Skills and Experience
Desired Skills:
You must know: PHP + JavaScript/jQuery + CSS3  + HTML5 + MySQL
Familarity with:  SASS/Compass, grunt, backbone.js will be a plus20
We don’t believe in academic qualification or formal corporate experience. Socollege dropouts, freshers, geeks, rebels, nerds feel free to apply.
We have setup some assignments to test your metal. If you can get though a challenge of your choice, you are in!


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