Day-6 | Aptitude Questions and Answers with Explanation

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Two whole numbers whose sum is 144 cannot be in the ratio:

a)      3:4   b) 5:7   c) 3:5    d) 4:5

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Answer:  a) 3:4

Let us go option by option. If 144 is to be divided in the ratio of 3:4 then it takes the form

3x + 4x = 144vwhere x needs to be a whole number or 7x = 144 and x has to be a whole number. For x to be a whole number, 144 has to be divisible by 7 which is not possible. Hence, 3: 4 ratio cannot exist and hence it is the correct answer.

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Manohar and veeran have Rs.1210 with them. If 4/15 of Manohar’s amount is equal to 2/5 of veeran’s amount, how much does veeran have?

a)      Rs. 644  b) Rs. 660    c) Rs. 330   d) Rs. 484

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4/15 of Manohar’s amount = 2/5 of veeran’s amount. Manohar’s amont/ Veeran’s amount =c(2/5 x 15/4) = 3/2.

Thus, Manohar’s amount: Veeran’s amount = 3:2. Therefore veeran’s share = Rs. (1210 x 2/5) = Rs.484.

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Ravi had got twice as much as marks as Ramu.His teacher has made him a promise that, for every mark he scores above ramu, he would be awarded 50% of those marks as bonus. Find the ratio of his bonus marks to the total marks of ravi and ramu.

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Let’s say Ramu has got x mark.

Then Ravi would have got 2x marks initially. But his teacher has promised a bonus of 50% of marks from the extra marks he got more thyan Ravi.

Hence he would be awarded  x/2 marks as bonus.Total marks of ravi = 2x + x/2 = 5x/2. Total marks of both the students = Total marks of Ramu + Total marks of Ravi = x+ 5x/2 = 7x/2.

Ratio of ravi’s bonus mark to the Total marks of ravi and Ramu would be (x/2) divided by (7x/2) = 1/7.

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If a pen is being sold at 4% profit instead of 4% loss the actual profit is  Rs 16. What is the actual cost price of the  pen?

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Let x be the CP.

(104 /100)x –(96/100)x = 16

Solving we get x = Rs.200.

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Ram buys a plot of 5200 sq. ft. The cost of the plot is Rs.48 per sq.ft. He has to pay 17% of the total cost as the booking cost for the plot. How much he has to  pay as booking cost?

a)      Rs. 42432   b) Rs. 42436   c) Rs. 42518   d) Rs. 42560

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a)Rs. 42432

Total cost of plot = Total area x cost of per sq.ft = 5200 x 48

Booking cost = Total cost of Plot x% of booking cost =  (5200 x 48)x 17/ 100 = 42432



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