Day-9 | Aptitude Questions and Answers with Explanation

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If Two candidates fought in a municipality election. One of them got 64 % of the total votes pooled and won by 1008 votes. What was the total number of votes  polled?


a)       3400  b) 3600  c) 3580  d) 3550

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b) 3600

Winning candidate got 64% votes Defeated candidate got 36% votes Difference between the two = 64 – 36 = 28% It is given 28% of votes polled = 1008 votes Let T be the total number of votes.

Then 28T/1 00 = 1008

Or T = 1008/28 x 100 = 3600

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In an organization, 40% of the employees are matriculates. 50% of the remaining are graduates and the remaining 180 are post-graduates. How many employees are graduates?


a)      360  b) 240   c)  300   d)  180

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d) 180.

(This is actually a very simple question. You could very well solve in usual manner, but it definitely consume time.)

Read the question carefully. Whatever be the percentage of matriculates, the second half of the question says clearly that one half of the remaining are graduates and another half are post graduates. This means the number of graduates should be equal to the number of post graduates.

Hence, 180 is the answer.

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If the numerator of a fraction is increased by 200% and the denominator is increased by 250% the resultant fraction is 3/14. What is the original fraction?


a)      1/2       b) 3/4        c) 1/4      d)  1/8

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c) ¼


Let P and Q be the original numerator and denominator respectively.

P when increased by 200% becomes, P + P(200/100) = P (100 + 200)/100 = 300P/1 00

Q when increased by 250% becomes, Q + Q(250/100) = Q (100 + 250)/100 = 350Q/100

According to the question, (300P/100) I (350Q/100) = 3/14

Or  300P/350Q = 3/14

Or P/Q = (3/14) x (350/300) = 25/100 = 114

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Vinayaka Enterprises, dealing in ·Electronic spare parts gives 10% discount on the purchase of an item. If the buyer pays in cash immediately, a further discount of 12% is given. If the original price of the item is Rs. 250, what is the price ofthe article if a cash purchase is made?


a)      Rs.200  b) Rs.195    c) Rs.198     d) Rs.190

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:  c)  Rs.198

Original price – Rs. 250 (Marked Price)

Normal discount 10% – 25

Price after discount – RS.225

Discount for buying in Cash 12% – (Rs.225 X 12 ) I 100 .= RS.27

Therefore  Price for Spare part Purchased in cash = Rs.225 – 27  = Rs. 198

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Adealer marks his goods 40% above cost price. He then allows some discount on it and makes a profit of 19%. The rate of discount is:

a) 14%   b)  16%  c)  10%  d)  15%

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d) 15%

Let the  cost price be 100

Marked Price – 140

After allowing discount he makes a profit of 19%

He must have sold the good at Rs.119

Discount allowed is Rs. 21 on Rs. 140

Rate of discount allowed = (21/140) * 100 = 15%



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