Day-10 | Aptitude Questions and Answers with Explanation

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By Selling a 2 GB Pen drive for Rs.300, an electronic shop keeper gains 20%. During a clearance sale, he allows a discount of 10% of the marked price, his gain percent during the sale season is:


a)       7   b)  7.5   c)  8   d) 9

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c) 8

If the pen is sold at Rs.300 the shop keeper makes a gain of 20%

So the cost price is 100/120 * 300 = Rs.250

But he allows a discount of 10%

That means he is selling at (10/100) * 300 = 30 discount 300 – 30 = Rs.270

Cost Price = Rs.250, Selling Price = Rs.270

Profit = Rs.2

20 * 100/250 = 8%

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The Owner of a television dealer shop charges his customer 25% more than the cost price. If a customer   paid Rs.32,500 for a television set, then what was the cost price of the television set ?


a)      RS. 29,200 b) RS. 26,000   c) RS. 28,600     d) RS. 29,800

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b)  RS. 26,000

Dealer Charges 25% more than cost price

125% of cost price = RS. 32,500

Cost Price = 100/125* 32,500 = RS.26000

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what could be a possible arrangement of 10 points in space so that five lines could be drawn with a condition that every line has four points on it.

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This is a question which you would have come  across in several puzzle books and previous questions. Answer is a “star”. You could try drawing a star and count the number of intersections which should be 10

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Ram has 30 Rupees with him . He has two rupee notes. One of the rupee notes is not a twenty rupee note. Then find out the notes he has with him?

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These kinds of questions are the simplest of the simpler ones. But one could tend to miss out due to nervousness. Here is the answer: One of the rupee notes is not a twenty rupee note. So the other note can be a twenty rupee note.

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In a dark room with no equipment’s other than a clock, you are given a pendulum. How can you measure your height now?

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This is a bit difficult one.

Time period of a pendulum is given by 2 * 3.14 * (sqrt(height of rope/ gravity)). Now, gravity = g = 9.18.

Using stop clock you can find the time period of pendulum.(average time for one oscillation).Using the formula for time period you can measure the height of the rope. Then using the rope you can measure your own height.



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