Day-2 | Bank Aptitude Questions and Answers with Explanation

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 Trisha and Swathi are the leaders of their group in their engineering college situate in Nasik, Maharashtra.  On completion of the first year exams they decided to go for a latest Hindi movie.  They could not get tickets of the same class.  They could get equal number of Rs. 65 Rs. 95 and Rs. 115 tickets for the movie.  They paid Rs. 4950 for all the tickets.  How many of each did they buy?

Options  :

a) 22





Answer:        d) 18

On first reading of the question some may think that it is not possible to get the answer.  Out of the two variables- cost of ticket and number of tickets—one is known.  Number of tickets only is to be found out.

One way to find out is simply add the cost of three classes of tickets and divide the total amount spent by them.  We can get the number of tickets

65+95+115=Rs. 275

Number of tickets is same in all the classes.  So Rs. 4950/275=18.


Another way is to take the number of tickets as X.


So X=18



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Anantharamakrishnan, a student of Excellent Arts and Science College, Nannilam scored 984 marks out of maximum marks ‘M’, if the maximum marks ‘M’ were converted to 800 marks, he would have secured 656 marks.  What were the maximum marks of the examination?

Options :






Answer:    c)1200


if the maximum marks were converted to 800, his score will be 656 marks,

But he had scored 984 marks, then the maximum mark will be (984/656)*=1200



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 There is a quadrilateral with one of its angles being 71 deg.  The other three angles are in the ratio 2:6:9 respectively.  What is the difference between the largest angle and the smallest angle of this quadrilateral?

Options :






Answer:   c) 119.


Sum of the all the four angles of a quadrilateral is 360 deg One of its angle=71.

Sum of the other three angles of the quadrilateral = 360-71=289 deg.

They are in the ratio 2:6:9

Let them be 2X:6X:9X



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Mr. Prakash Kothari Sait has an estate of twenty five percent of three seventh of twenty six percent of it is Rs. 136.5 lakhs.  What is the cost of the estate?

Options :

 a)    Rs. 4900 Lakhs

b)    Rs. 4800 Lakhs

c)    Rs. 4500 Lakhs

d)   Rs.5400 Lakhs


Answer: a) 4900 Lakhs

Let the value of estate be X Lakhs

Arriving at an expression based on information provided

X  *25/100*3/7*26/100=136.5 Lakhs


4900 Lakhs

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Rehana sultana studied in KLN college for four years and got an engineering degree and joined a leading oftware company in June 2009.  Every year in June she was offered 10% salary increase.  In July 2011 if Rehana Sultana drew a monthly salary of Rs. 33275, calculate the initial salary offer she received in June 2009.

 Options :

a)    Rs. 26800

b)    RS.27500

C)   Rs.28500

d)    RS.28000


Answer:   b) Rs.27500

Let us assume her salary in June 2009 was Rs. 100

In June 2010 it will be Rs.110

In June 2011 it will be Rs. 110/100 * 110=Rs.121.

It is given that her monthly salary in June 2011  was Rs. 33275