Day-3 | Bank Aptitude Questions and Answers with Explanation

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Adhvaith and Kashyap together were assigned a data entry job by a leading software company to be completed in 5 days.  Kashyap’s speed is 80% of adhvaith’s speed and the total ke depressions in the task assigned are 5,76,000.  Calculate Adhvaith’s speed in key depressions per hour if they work for 8 hours a day?

Options :






Answer:     a) 8000

Let the key depression per hour for Adhvaith be X

Then the key depression per hour for Kashyap will be 0.8X

In one day the work 8hours-they work for five days

In one day they will work 8X+6.4x=14.4X

In five days=14.4X*5=72X key depressions


So X=576000/72=8000



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Two friends Raman and Goplakrishnan are working together in a government department. At present the sum of the ages of Raman and Gopalakrishnan is 70.  Twenty years ago, the age of Raman was five times the age of Gopalakrishnan.  What will be 150% of the difference between the ages of Raman and Gopalakrishnan?

Options :

a) 25 Years

b)30 Years

c) 40 Years



answer:   b) 30 Years.


Let the present ages of Raman and Gopalakrishnan be M and N .


Then M+n=70……(1)

Twenty years ago age of Raman was five times the age of Gopalakrishnan.




Solving (1) and (2)


6N =150

N=25.  Therefore M+25=70.


Age of raman=45 and Age of gopalakrishnan=25

Difference between the age of the two=45-25=20.

150 % of the difference of their age=20*150/100=30 Years.




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Two young people Kumaresh and Vanitha met in Botanical Garden on a Saturday evening.  Kumaresh posed a question to Vanitha as follows: “ In how many different ways can the letters ‘ZYAXXW’ be arranged”?  Vanitha was perplexed and was not able to answer immediately and she gave four options.


Options :






answer:    b)360

total number of arrangement s=61 divided by 2! (because X comes twice)


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Aksharakumar completed his education in arts and  science college in Bareilly.  After completing the degree he started a provision shop.  Aksharakumar buys a certain variety of rice and mixes it with another variety of rice costing Rs. 25 per kg. in the ratio 5:4 if the mixture costs Rs.20 per kg.  What is the cost price of the other variety?

Options :

a)Rs. 16per kg

b)Rs.20 per kg.

c) Rs. 24 per kg

d)Rs. 12 per kg.


Answer:    a) Rs. 16 per kg.


Let the cost of the cheaper variety of rice be Rs. X per kg

Using allegation

  • 25-20 divided by 20-X=4
  •  Or X=16
  •  Therefore cost price of cheaper variety of rice=Rs 16 per kg.


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 Sharukh Khan and Amjad Khan bought an electronic item and sold it at a loss of 10%.  If they had bought the electronic item for 20% less and sold it for Rs. 176 more they would have made a profit of 40%.  What is the cost price of the item?

Options :

A)Rs. 1200

b)Rs. 960

c)Rs. 840

d)Rs. 800


Answer:      d) Rs. 800

Let the original price be X Therefore original selling price =X-10/100xX=9X/10

Now, if the cost price is 20% less than the original cost price =4X/5

Selling price=4X/5

Selling price=4X/5 +4X/5*40/100=28X/25

Therefore 28X/25=9X/10+176

Or 28x/25-9X/10=176