Day-5 | Bank Aptitude Questions and Answers with Explanation

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Mr. Ananthakrishna iyer and company borrowed Rs. 70000 from a cooperative bank and it amounted to Rs. 75712 in two years. If the interest is compounded annually, then find the rate of interest?

Options :






Answer: b) 4%

Let the rate of interest be r%





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Mr. Rameshkumar sold an electronic item to Mr. Kiran Joshi at a profit of 45% and Kiran Joshi soldit to Manisha Thapar at a loss of 15%. What is the resultant profit or loss?

Options :

a)loss 18.45%

b)profit 23.25%

c)loss 22.25%

d)profit 20.35%


Anwer:   b)profit 23.25%

Let the cost price of the item sold be Rs.100

Then Rameshkumar sold it to Kiran Joshi at Rs.145.

Kiran Joshi sold to Manisha Thapar at a loss of 15%

That is 145*85/100=23.25

So resultant profit is 23.25%.
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Take these letters “REPSUOIV” as the letters of a word.  In how many different ways can these letters be arranged in such a way that the vowels always come together?

Options :






Answer:    a)2880

The given letters of the word—-REPSUOIV

It contains 4 vowels – EUOI

Total letters of the word=8

No. of vowels=4

The vowels are to be as one letter, then total letters=4+1=5

Therefore number of ways=5! And vowels can be arranged in 4! Ways.

Therefore total number of ways=5!*4!=120*24=2880.


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Jammu janatha leaves Bangalore for Jammu at 10 am running at the speed of 6 km per hour.  Jammu Superfast leave Bangalore for jammu by the same route at 2 pm on the same day at the speed of 80 km per hour.  At what time will the two will meet teach other?

Options :

a) 5.20 pm on the same day

b)6 pm on the same day

c)6 am next day

d)None of these


Answer:   d) None of these

Both the trains, leave from the same station and are moving towards the same station.

Jammu Janatha speed=60 km per hour

Jammu superfast speed=80 km per hour

Relative speed=80-60=20 km per hour.

Jammu Janatha starts at 10 am and would have covered 60*4=240 km by the time jammu Superfast starts at 2 pm

Distance of 240 km will be covered by Jammu superfast in 240/20=12hours

So jammu Superfast will meet/cross jammu Janatha 12 hours after its departure

That is 2 pm on the next day.

Hence answer is d) None of these.

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110,156,210,272,342,424—which number is odd man in this series.

Options :

a) 156





Answer:   d) 424

The series is 10^2+10, 12^2+12. 14^2+14…..

In that place it should be 20^2+20=420 and not 424.