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Day-11 | Bank Aptitude Questions and Answers with Explanation

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Ashudeep hailing from Jorhat district in Rajasthan settled in Bengaluru after getting a job in a leading IT company. His parents wanted him to save money and suggested him about buying a residential plot. He borrowed money from his friends and relatives and bought a plot rectangular in shape. The plot had its length and breadth in the ratio 2:3. The area of the plot is 2400 sq.m. He made a rectangular path park with a width of 5m. He planted grass, small decorative plants inside the path park. Identify the area of the path park?

Options :

a)600 sq.m
b)800 sq.m.
c)900 sq.m.
d)1000 sq.m

Answer:   c) 900 sq.m

Area of rectangle=length * breadth
The plot has length and breadth=3.2.
Let the length of the plot be 3X and breadth be 2x
Area =6X^2=2400
Therefore X=20
The path is having width of 5m. so the inner ground will have length and breadth
As (60-2*5)=50m
So the area of inner ground=50*30=1500 sq.m.
So the area of rectangular inner path=2400-1500=
900 sq.m.

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Freeman hailing from Frankfurt, Germany is fond of travelling from place to places. Once he decided to travel 80 km in 8 hours, partly by foot and partly on a bicycle, The speed on foot being 8km/hr and that on bicycle being 16km/hr. Identify the distance travelled by him on foot?

Options :


Answer:   d) 48km

Let the distance covered by him on foot be X km.
He travelled X km at 8km/hour speed(foot) and (80-X)in 16km/hr speed(bicycle)
It is given that the total time taken is 8 hurs
So X/8 +(80-X)16=8

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Mr. sivaramakrishna adige, the cricket player batting average during the year 2011-12 for 50 innings is 40 runs. His highest score exceeds his lowest score by 182 runs. If these two innings are excluded, the average of the remaining 48 innings is 37 runs. Calculate the highest score of Sivaramakrishna adige during this season?

Options :


Answer:   a) 203

Total runs scored in 50 innings=50*40=2000 runs
Let the highest score be X.
Then X+(X-182)=2000-(48*37)
Therefore X=203
Lowest score =224-203=21
203-21=182 difference between the lowest score and highestscore.
Hence answer is a) 203 runs

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Mr. Vinoz Prasanna bought a colour TV for Rs. 11250 after getting a discount of 10% on the labeled price. He spent Rs. 150 on transportation and Rs. 800 on installation. Calculate the price at which the TV should be sold so that the profit earned by Vinoz Prasanna will be 15%?

Options :


Answer:   a) Rs. 14030

Vinoz Prasanna bought the colour TV at Rs. 11250.
Transportation – 150
Installation -800
Total cost incurred by him – Rs. 12200
It is given that the profit earned should be 15%
Now cost price in all is Rs. 12200 and 115% of cost price= 12200*1.15=Rs.14030

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2,12,54,248, ?—identify the missing number?

Options :


Answer:  a)1290


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