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Day-28 | Bank Aptitude Questions and Answers with Explanation

  • Question-1
  • Explanation

Meena and Sonu enter into a business with capital Rs. 15.000 and Rs. 12,000 and they made a total profit of Rs. 9,000. Find the percentage of sonu’s share.

Options :
a) Rs. 45000
b)Rs. 5000
c)Rs. 4000
d)Rs. 5500

Answer:       c) Rs. 4000

Meena and Sonu invested Rs. 15.000 and Rs. 12.000
The ratio of their investment is =15,000: 12,000=5.4
Total profit is Rs.9000
Sonu’s share=Rs.[4/9*9000]=Rs. 4000
Hence the answer is Rs. 4000

  • Question-2
  • Explanation

Subha and her friend invested in the ratio 5: 3 in a business. If 4% of the profit is given to charity and Subha’s share is Rs. 1,200 then what will be the total profit?

Options :

a)Rs. 1,000
b)Rs. 2000
c)Rs. 1,500
d)Rs. 1,800

Answer:     b) Rs. 2000

Let the total profit be Rs. 100
4% of profit is for charity,
Subha’s share=Rs.[(100-4)*(5/8)]=[96*(5/8)]=Rs. 60
If subha’s share is Rs. 60 then the total profit=Rs. 100
If Subha’s share is Rs. 1,200 then total profit=Rs.[(100/60)*1200]=Rs. 2,000
Hence the answer is Rs. 2,000

  • Question-3
  • Explanation

A,B,C starts a business with investment of Rs. 1,00,000
C invest Rs. 8,000 more than B and B invest Rs. 10,000 more than A , if the total profit is Rs. 70,000 then c receives:

Options :

a)Rs. 30,000
b)Rs. 25,000
c)Rs. 25,400

Answer:     d) Rs. 29,400

Let A ‘s investment be X
Then , B’s =X+10,000 and C’s=X+10,000+8,000
Now the total investment=X+X+10,000+X+10,000+8,000=3X+28,000
From the given data,3X+28000=1,00,000
Then X-24,000
Then c’s share=(21/50)*70,000=Rs.29,400


  • Question-4
  • Explanation

A seller sold his articles in two types such that three fourth at a profit of 10% and the remaining at loss of 2% . if the total profit was Rs. 1500, what ws the total value of the articles?

Options :

a) Rs. 20409
b)Rs. 21009
c)Rs. 21429
d)Rs. 21400

Answer:       c) Rs. 21429

Let the total value be Rs. X.
The value of ¾ th=Rs. 3X/4 then the value of ¼ th=Rs. X/4
Selling price=Rs.[110%of 3X/4]+[98%of X/4}
=Rs. 330X400+98X/400
=Rs. 428X/400
Since the total cost price is Rs. X and the total profit is Rs.1500 then Rs.428X/400-X=Rs. 1500
Hence the answer is Rs. 21429


  • Question-5
  • Explanation

Meera sold 8 keys and makes a profit equal to the selling price of 2 keys. What is the profit percentage?

Options :


Answer:       a) 33(1/3)%

By observing the given data we can have
S.P of 8 keys-C.P of 8 keys=profit=s.pof 2 keys then
S.P of 6 keys=C.P of 8 keys—-eq1
Let c.p of each key be Re.1
Then c.p of 8 keys=Rs. 8
And s.p of 6 keys=Rs.8(sung eq 1)
Now , the percent profit is =(2/6*100)%=100/3%=33(1/3)%


  • Question-6
  • Explanation

if the profit is 40% and Rs. 500 is the fdifference between c.p and s.p then c.p is:

Options :

a) Rs. 1750

Answer:       b)Rs. 1250

Let c.p be Rs.X then s.p=Rs.140% of X=Rs. 14X/10
Now, 14X/10-x=Rs.500
s.p=Rs. 14*1250/10=Rs. 1750
Hence the c.p is Rs. 1250


  • Question-7
  • Explanation

Which of the following statements is wrong?

Options :

a)production does not increases continuously
b) import increases continuously
c) Export decreases continuously.
d) consumption increases continuously.
e) all the four statements are correct

Answer:      e) All the four statements are correct.

Yes. A perusal of the figures will indicate all the four statements are correct.
Details of students taking admission and leaving them during six years are given below. Peruse the details and answer the questions that follow:
(all the schools are started in 1996)



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